Vendor Signups for the FALL2023 show are now being accepted. Click this LINK to fill in the application, We will send emails out weekly for approved vendors and of course let you know if we hit saturation of types of vendors. 

Confirmed Vendors for FALL 2023

Geek Mythology Crafts

DisaRAYed Workshop

Ogopogo Gaming

Crimson Duckie

Geek Boy Press

Sherry's Magical Creations

Hannah Spoons Art

Shoot the Moon Stitches

Cygnet Game Design

Hawkins Collectibles

Zarai's Creations

Mystical Arts Shop

Megan Brad Photography

See More Woodcrafts

Ha Pi Studio

Joyful Noise Creations

Mythical Mischief Art

Kilgannon Kreations

Moonlighters Media

Dolphin Quest01

Frankenstein Comics

Poke to the Max

Qvarr Artwork

CJ Oech Artwork

Rusty Dragonfly

Magic's Happening

Goblin Trading Co.

Crystal Bunny Designs

Piranha Knight Productions

Food Options!

A Taste of Philly!

Matty G Dogz

Polish Water Ice