Open Board Game Tables

In addition to our amazing annual Library, our friends at CyberGecko Games will be providing demos from their game selection!!!

Some Games they will be demoing!

1. Time Vs Ninja : easy adventure strategy game about time traveling ninja….90 minute slot should be more than enough
The game handles 2 – 5 people
2. Hyper Battle Kaiju Fight : very easy card game about dueling kaiju. 1 hour slot would be enough.
Any number of players. If enough people (8+ players) I can even run it as a mini tournament

3. Conspiratheory : social/party/improv game about making up ridiculous conspiracy theories, any number of players. This game is also fun to watch as well as play. 1 hour slot would be good.

4. Waterfront Tycoon : very simple card game about building property and attracting tourists
Game handles 3 – 5 players. Less than an hour.