November 21, 2013


Vendors Spaces for the FALL 2019 Geek Fest are ... Being Sold Now!!!

Vendor applications for the FALL 2019 are being reviewed.
We limit the types of vendors we have which means we will not be overrun by one type of vendor to maximize enjoyment and selection for our attendees.
The FALL 2019 show will be completely open for new and previous vendors and will be announced
shortly after the Spring 2019 show. 

Tiki Tiki Board Games
Luke & Cade's Toy Chest
The Gaming Invasion
Too Many Games
Frankenstein Comics
Parisi Studios
Brownie Asylum
ABXY Video Games
Mystic Realms LARP
SCA Barony of Iron Bog
Island Officials LLC
Gateway FCCLA
Kites and Kickball with Ben Franklin
Philly Handbell Ensemble
Bluebear Games
Game and a Curry
KittyChanAnn Art and more
Jagged Edge Gaming
Joyful Noise Creations
Killgannon Kreations
Megan Brad Photography
That Coaster Girl
Amber Davis Art
Cheryl's Quilts & Crafts
Live to Thrive Inc
Tomboy Togs
Geek Mythology Crafts
Geek Boy Press
Shoot the Moon Stitches
Lishu Treasures
LIPS Domestics
Star Savior Bunny
Obi Wan Kimono
Merchants of Menace
Bert Baker Candles
Sai257 Customs
Raiders of the Lost Toys
Crimson Duckie
Lauren Elizabeth Art
Stitches Ear Works
BHawk Toys & Games & MORE
Sarah keane Art
Ingenious Edge Bookmarks & MORE
Ogopogo Gaming
Refined Armour Chain Maille
Panther Comics
The Comic Book Store
Potato Patato & more
Red Hot Gals Boutique
Welceome Back Comics
Annamabee Art
K8 Bit Creations
Galica Graphics
Storybook Craft Co
HER Game Jewelry
Warriors Amongst Realms Art
Took's Bazaar