November 21, 2013


 Vendors for the Spring 2018 Geek Fest

Vendor space for the Spring 2018 is SOLD OUT.
We limit the types of vendors we have which means we will not be overrun by one type of vendor to maximize enjoyment and selection for our attendees.


Tiki Tiki Board Games

Luke & Cade’s Toy Chest

The Gaming Invasion

Frankenstein Comics

Parisi Studios


Squarepainter & Tiny Neenja


Recess Skill Toys

Black Slither Games

Gianna Rose Art

FM Miniatures/ Nice Dice

Matt Mitchell Draws

Cheryl’s Quilts & Crafts

Tony Townsend Art

All Things Video Games

BlueBear Games

Geek Mythology Crafts

Fuzzy Figures

Sarah Keane Art

Too Many Games

Sai 257 Customs and Wax Foundry

Secret origins Comics & more

Ann Chan designs

Jagged Edge Gaming

McArt A la Carte


Tomboy Togs

Buonique Designs

Island Officials 

Ingenious Edge

Raiders of the Lost Toys

K8Bit Creations

A Link to the Past

Joyful Noise

Lauren Elizabeth Art

Megan Brad Photography

The Comic Book Store

Manda Cantillion Art

Kirby’s Crocheting

Game & a Curry

Mary’s Magical Maps

Victory Screech Labs

On the Square Comics


KarlCade Art

Millenium Hobbies/Gundam Kitchen

Rolll for it Dice

Her Game Jewelry

Cor Tenebrae games

Quadratron games

UGL Gaming Tournaments

The SCA Iron Bog

Beachy Magic Face Painting

Polish water Ice of Woodbury

Mystic Realms

Philly Larp

Hostile Healing

Unicorn Catcher Boutique



Winged Wolf Caravan