Geekfest Panels SP 2023

11am - 12pm

Cosplay props and EVA foam intro

How to create cosplays and props out of EVA foam using tools accessible to most people. experience includes creating props such as: Arcane Vi gauntlets, Tristana’s Boomer Cannon, and more


12pm - 1pm

Guide into Voice Acting

I will be explaining my journey into voice acting and what work I do and advice to help people!


1pm - 2pm

How to style wigs: The Do's and Dont's

A small panel about how to style wigs, materials for styling wigs, and what kind of wigs to use.


2pm - 3pm

How to Hunt the Jersey Devil

How to Hunt The Jersey Devil!
Speaker: Author of The Pineys, Tony DiGerolamo
Join us for a discussion of the Jersey Devil and South Jersey Folklore like no other! 


3pm - 4pm

SCA-What is this Anach-

Come find out about the SCA , what it is and is not from some current members and royalty.