April 4, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a vendor spot?
    • Vendor space for the next show will be offered FIRST to our existing vendor list(from the last show), if any spaces are left they will be offered on Facebook after the vendor grace period is up. We do NOT have a reserve system and will not take names in advance. Thanks for understanding. We also limit the types of vendors we have which means we will not be overrun by one type of vendor to maximize enjoyment and selection for our attendees.
  2. How do I contact someone?
    • info@sjgeekfest.com is usually the best place to start
  3. When are you moving to a larger venue?
    • Great question, after careful consideration on all fronts we set the milestone to be when we hit 3000 attendees at a single show. Too many shows grow too big too fast and that ends up ruining the entire thing. We have a few basic mission points, we will always be in Gloucester County, we want both admission and vendor space to be affordable and last we want to have fun.
  4. Why near Easter and Halloween?
    • We like to kick off and end the typical show season so think of us as bookends, we will continue to try and host the event the Saturday before Easter & Halloween but shift a bit if it is too early or late pending the holiday.
  5. Why Geek Fest?
    • Geek is no longer a bad word, it should be empowering and anyone who thinks negatively should reconsider coming to the show.
  6. Are there rules about Cosplay, for like weapons and stuff?
    • There sure are, check out the help page here.
  7. Where do I park?
  8. How much is admission?
    • $0.00 Geekfest Faire is a FREE event. 
  9. Where are the bathrooms located?
    • Aplogies there are no public restrooms on site we are sorry to say.
  10. Where is the game room?
    • No game Room at this event sorry folks

More soon