November 21, 2013


  Vendors for the SPRING 2017 GeekFest

Vendor space for the Spring 2017 is SOLD OUT.

We do NOT have a reserve system and will not take names in advance. Thanks for understanding.

We also limit the types of vendors we have which means we will not be overrun by one type of vendor to maximize enjoyment and selection for our attendees.


Tiki Tiki Board Games

Craigie Mack BBQ Shack

Too Many Games

The Gaming Invasion

Frankenstein Comics

Parisi Studios

ButtonShy Games


Squarepainter & Tiny Neenja

Geekboy Press

Geek Mythology Crafts

Megan Brad Photography

Amber Davis Art

Fuzzy Figures

Retro Station

Jagged Edge Gaming

Ann Chan Art

Lauren Elizabeth Art


The Wax Foundry & Sai257 Customs Figs

Vintage Robot

Gianna Rose

Matt Mitchell

Chery’s Quilts & Crafts

Firelight Games

Average Superstar Films

Joyful Noise

Welcome Back Comics

Luke & Cade’s Toy Chest

A Link to the Past Video Games

Tony Townsend Art

B Hawks Games & more

Rock Manor Games

Monstros Apparel

Roll 4 It Dice

Softair NJ

Grown Ass Adults Special Guest

Recess Skill Toys

Black Slither Games

Kevin Bradley Woodworking

Super Sox Shop

All Things Video Games

Blue Bear Games

The Comic Book Store

Raiders of the Lost Toys

Jupiter Records

Novel Signs

Bean Brothers